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Barrow, Gary Wayne

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Alfreg Lang, Classic Pieces for Trumpet and Organ: Music Minus One Trumpet (recording review) 2002 Journal article
Andre Ameller, Arlequinade (music review) 1980 Journal article
Annapolis Brass Quintet, Reflections in Brass (recording review) 1993 Journal article
Art of Brass Copenhagen, From the Merry Life of a Spy (recording review) 2004 Journal article
Bill Holcombe, 12 Days of Christmas, A Christmas Jazz Suite and The Twelve Days of Christmas (brass choir), Paul Nagle, Christmas Carol Festival (music review) 1986 Journal article
Bill Holcombe, Music for Weddings, Vol 1 and Paul Battles, Music for Weddings, Vol 2 (music review) 1987 Journal article
Bobby Lewis, In the Forefront (recording review) 2001 Journal article
Bryan Kelly, Divertimento (music record) 1985 Journal article
Buck, Dudley, arr. Frackenpohl, Variations and Fugue on the Star Spangled Banner (music review) 1995 Journal article
Chicago Brass Choir, Pictures in Brass (recording review) 2000 Journal article
Clinic: Thoughts on Multiple Tonguing 1997 Journal article
Col. Earl D. Irons and the Evolution of Cornet Pedagogy 1985 Journal article
Dallas Brass Quintet, Music of Persichetti, Hovhaness, Haines, Reynolds and Childs (recording review) 1981 Journal article
David Hickman and Mark H. Lawrence, The Golden Age of Brass (recording review) 1991 Journal article
Derek Bourgeois, Seven Proverbs For Brass Quintet (music review) 1987 Journal article
Dokshizer, Timofei. The Memoirs of Timofei Dokshizer (book review) 1999 Journal article
Eastman Brass Quintets, 1975 Archive (recording reviews) 2007 Journal article
Eden, Lawrence D., trans. English Parlour Suite (music review) 1992 Journal article
Edward Sandor, Trumpet in the Winds (recording review) 2001 Journal article
Erik Norby, Capriccio (music review) 1985 Journal article
European Brass Band Championships, Highlights: European Brass Band Championships 1998 2000 Journal article
Finck, arr. Schmidt, Greiner Zanner (music review) 1987 Journal article
Fisher Tull, Concerto No. 2 (music review) 1982 Journal article
Gabriele Cassone, Gagliarde, Canzone e Voluntaries per Tromba e Organo (recording review) 1993 Journal article
Greene, Don, Performance Success: Performing Your Best Under Pressure (book review) 2003 Journal article
Harald Genzmer, Sonatine for Trumept and Piano (music review) 1985 Journal article
Hawes, Jack, Festival Pieces (music review) 1989 Journal article
Herbillion, Gilles, 48 Short Preliminary and Progressive Studies, vol. 2 (music review) 1996 Journal article
Hill, Douglas, Intrada (music review) 1998 Journal article
Holdom, Colin, Studio for Brass: Intermediate Course (book review) 2005 Journal article
Howard Snell Brass , Premiere (recording review) 1992 Journal article
Hunt, Clyde E., Fanfare, Shenandoah and To Herald the Crumbcrusher (music review) 1993 Journal article
James Thomas Madeja, The Life and Work of Herbert L. Clarke (1867-1945) (dissertation review) 1993 Journal article
Jarvis, Jeff, arr., Nativity Suite I and Thomas Campbell, arr., Nativity Sutie II (music review) 1990 Journal article
John Ellis, Contest Music for Trumpet (recording review) 1991 Journal article
Josef Svejkovský, Koncerty Pro Žesťové Nástroje (recording review) 1981 Journal article
Leonard Lebow, Four Movie Scenes (music review) 1987 Journal article
Mario Guarneri, Brass Basics and the B.E.R.P.: A Learning Tape for Brass Players of All Levels (recording review) 1992 Journal article
Messiter, arr. Phil Collins, Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart (music review) 1992 Journal article
Michael Tippett, The Wolf Trap Fanfare and Phillip H. Olsson, Toccata for Brass Choir (music review) 1984 Journal article
Moser, ed. Olcott, Scherzo (music review) 1993 Journal article
Nagel, Robert, arr., Battle Hymn of the Republic (music review) 1995 Journal article
New Mexico Brass Quintet, New Mexico Brass Quintet (recording review) 1992 Journal article
New York Brass Choir, Gorgeous Brass (recording review) 1981 Journal article
Philip Smith, Escapade (recording review) 1992 Journal article
Pittsburgh Symphony Brass, Bach: The Art of Fugue (recording review) 2000 Journal article
Polished Brass, Polished Brass (recording review) 1986 Journal article
Richard Giangiulio, Pistons and Pipes (recording review) 1992 Journal article
Scott Paul Sorenson, Thomas Harper, Sr. (1786-1853): Trumpet Virtuoso and Pedagogue (dissertation review) 1988 Journal article
Sonus Brass, Captured! (recording review) 1993 Journal article
Spence, Greg, The Only No Mystery Guide to Trumpet Mastery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Excellence, Book 1 (book review) 2007 Journal article
Stanislav Sejpal, (Concerti by) Radim Drejsl/Jiri Pauer (recording review) 1981 Journal article
Stewart, Michael, Variations on Simple Gifts (music review) 1998 Journal article
Suddeutsches Blechblaserensemble, Brass Symphony (recording review) 1993 Journal article
Telemann, G.P., arr. Nagel, Allegro (music review) 1995 Journal article
The 1987 ITG Conference: A Synopsis 1987 Journal article
The 1991 ITG Conference: A Synopsis 1991 Journal article
The Denver Brass, Bagpipes and Brass (recording review) 2001 Journal article
The Los Angeles Philharmonic Brass Ensemble and The Los Angeles Society Quintet, Philharmonic Brass (recording review) 1985 Journal article
The Rekkenze Ensemble, A Night at the Opera (recording review) 1988 Journal article
The Rekkenze Ensemble, The Rekkenze Ensemble and Brasszination (recording review) 1986 Journal article
Today's Brass Quintet, A Baroque and Renaissance Festival (recording review) 1991 Journal article
Urso, Joe, The Upper Register (book review) 2001 Journal article
Washington Symphonic Brass, Nielsen on Brass (recording review) 2002 Journal article
Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel Band, Imps in Concert (recording review) 2004 Journal article
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