Brandt, Vasiliĭ

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Brandt, Vasiliĭ

Born ca. 1869Date of death: Feb 2, 1923Gender: Male Germany | Russia



Brandt, Vassily
Brandt, Wassily Gueorguyevitch
Brandt, Karl Wilhelm
Brandt, Karl Wilhelm Vasily Georgievich
Brandt, Karl-Wil'gel'm Georgievič
Brandt, V.
Brandt, V. (Vasiliĭ)
Brandt, V.G.
Brandt, Vasilii
Brandt, Vasilij Georgievic
Brandt, Vasiliĭ
Brandt, Vasily
Brandt, Vasily G.
Brandt, Vasily
Brandt, Vassili
Brandt, Vassilij
Brandt, Vassily
Brandt, Vassily
Brandt, Vassily Guéorguyévitch
Brandt, Vassily
Brandt, Villi
Brandt, W.
Brandt, W. (Willy)
Brandt, W.
Brandt, Wassilij Georgjewitsch
Brandt, Wassily
Brandt, Wassily G.
Brandt, Wassily Georgiewitsch
Brandt, Wassily Gueorguyevitch
Brandt, Willi
Brandt, Willy
Vassily Brandt
Willi Brandt
Брандт, В.
Брандт, В.
Брандт, В. (Василий Георгиевич)
Брандт, В. (Василий)
Брандт, Василий Георгиевич
Birth name:
Karl Wilhelm Brandt

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Vladimir Drucker

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Brandt, Victor Frederick Albert

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Profiled in Trumpet Greats, p. 104.



Title Year Item
34 Orchestral Studies for Trumpet Method or study book
Last Studies Method or study book
Title Year Author
History of Russian Brass Ensembles 1994 Chumov, Leonid Egorovich
Willy (Vassily Georgyevich) Brandt: The Early Years 1996 Tarr, Edward

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