Broiles, Mel

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Broiles, Mel

Born: Sep 4, 1929Date of death: Aug 26, 2003Gender: Male USA



Broiles, Mel.
Broiles, Melvil.
Broiles, Melvin
Broiles, Melvin.
Broiles, Melvyn
Birth name:
Broiles, Melvin

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William Vacchiano


Patricia Backhaus, Bruce Barrie, Donald Batchelder, Kiku Collins, Philip Collins, Russell DeVuyst, Douglas Hedwig, James Olcott, Jeanne Pocius, Roy Poper, John Pursell, John Raschella, Marc Reese, Richard Carson Steuart, Joey Tartell, Lawrence wright


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Title Year Item
Have Trumpet, Will Transpose 1967 Method or study book
One Liners 2019 Method or study book
Orchestral Interpretations for Trumpet 1970 Method or study book
Private Practice 1990 Method or study book
The Bugler's Handbook Method or study book
Transposition for Orchestral Trumpet 1967 Method or study book
Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 1 1958 Method or study book
Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 2 1963 Method or study book
Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 3 1967 Method or study book
Title Year Author
Thieck's Daily Studies 1928 Thieck, William
Title Year Author
Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto No. 2" 1960 Bach, Vincent
Mel Broiles and His Magic Trumpet 1987 Falk, Jonni
News from the Trumpet World (January 2004) 2004 Unsigned
The 1981 ITG Conference: A Synopsis 1981 Jones, Stephen Graf

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