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Baroque Trumpet

David Hickman Masterclass Series
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Discussion of performance considerations for baroque repertoire for trumpet, including performances of various works. With Gail Novack, piano.


  • Introduction to the Baroque trumpet repertoire (5:38)
  • Concerto in D major, G.1 ; Concerto in D major / Giuseppe Torelli (5:32)
  • Concerto in C major for two trumpets / Antonio Vivaldi (5:31)
  • Concerto in D major, "di Melante" / Georg Philipp Telemann (9:23)
  • Baroque style : affections (characters) and tactus (metronomic pulse) (5:36)
  • Concerto in D major / Johann Friedrich Fasch (4:26)
  • Suite in D major / George Frideric Händel (3:38)
  • Sonata in D major / Henry Purcell (4:07)
  • Clarino and principale styles of trumpet playing (3:52)
  • Symphonia for four corni da caccia / Johann Melchoir Molter (5:32)
  • Brandenburg concerto no. 2 in F major / Johann Sebastian Bach (9:09)
  • Approach to playing modern piccolo trumpets in a Baroque style (12:26)

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