Hickman, David

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Hickman, David

Born: 1950Gender: Male USA



Title Year Author
Brass Recordings (1983) 1983 Faulkner, Maurice
David Hickman and Mark H. Lawrence, The Golden Age of Brass (recording review) 1991 Barrow, Gary
David Hickman and Mark H. Lawrence, The Golden Age of Brass, Vol. II (recording review) 1992 Larson, Jacob
David Hickman and Peter Bowman, Intimate Baroque (recording review) 1992 Lewis, Horace Monroe
David Hickman Goes On Record 2003 Bowman, Joseph
David Hickman Goes on Record (recording review) 1978 Schlueter, Charles
David Hickman, Baroque Consort (recording review) 1981 Squires, Stephen J.
David Hickman, David Hickman, Trumpet (recording review) 1996 Ellis, John
David Hickman, Hope's Journey: The Music of Michael Conway Baker (recording review) 1996 Madeja, James
David Hickman, The Naples Philharmonic (recording review) 1994 Davis, Randall W.
David Hickman/Thomas Bacon/Samuel Pilafian, A Brassy Night at the Opera (recording review) 2001 Ellis, John
David Hickman/Thomas Bacon/Samuel Pilafian, A Cool Brassy Night at the North Pole (recording review) 2001 Zemaitaitis, Kurt
General News (February 1985) 1985 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
General News (September 1989) 1989 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
ITG Artists-Members (Oct. 1976) 1976 Unsigned
ITG's Past Presidents Review Their Legacy 1996 Hardin, Anne
Judges' Advice to Young Soloists 1989 Hickman, David
So, You Want to Go to Graduate School? 1996 Harvison, Emery
Summit Brass: Moving Musical Mountains 1986 Unsigned
The 2003 ITG Conference Fort Worth, Texas 2003 Mortenson, Gary
The 2004 ITG Conference, Denver, Colorado 2004 Mortenson, Gary

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