Ghitalla, Armando

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Ghitalla, Armando

Born: Jun 1, 1925Date of death: Dec 14, 2001Gender: Male USA



Title Year Author
A Tribute to Armando Ghitalla: A Survey of His Influence on Trumpet Teachers in America and Canada Today 2004 Patton, Julie
Advantages of the Four-Valve C/D Trumpet 1980 Hickman, David
An Interpretive Discussion of the Solo Passages Most Frequently Requested at Orchestral Trumpet Auditions 1981 Theurer, Britton
Armando Ghitalla, Armando Ghitalla, Trumpeter Emeritus (recording review) 1998 Madeja, James
Armando Ghitalla, Master Trumpeter, Master Teacher, Master Musician 1997 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
Armando Ghitalla, Trumpet Concertos from Three Centuries (recording review) 1988 Grabowski, Randy
Armando Ghitalla: An Interview 1982 Glover, Stephen L.
Embouchures: Their Assets and Liabilities - An Interview with Armando Ghitalla 1987 Libs Moorehead, Jean
Entering the Sphere of Music: Advice from Some Trumpet Masters 1994 Meckna, Michael
General News (February 1992) 1992 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
General News (February 1995) 1995 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
General News (September 1985) 1985 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
General News (September 1991) 1991 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
General News (September 1996) 1996 Tunnell, Michael Hilton
Inside the Orchestra Section: In Memoriam: An Interview with Armando Ghitalla 2002 West, James R.
Preparation of the Undergraduate Recital: An Interview with Armando Ghitalla, Byron Pearson, and Jan David Roller 1989 Libs Moorehead, Jean
So, You Want to Go to Graduate School? 1996 Harvison, Emery
The 1979 ITG Conference 1979 Meredith, Henry
The 1993 ITG Conference: The Action in Akron 1993 Almeida, John, Shugert, James Malcolm
The 1996 Ellsworth Smith International Guild Solo Trumpet Competition 1996 Apelgren, Scott
Trumpet Sections of American Symphony Orchestras: The Boston Symphony Orchestra 1979 Clark, Keith

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