Birkemeier, Richard

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Birkemeier, Richard

Born: 1952Gender: Male USA



Birth name:
Bikremeier, Richard P.

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Ziegler, Elmer, Donald R. Whitaker, Steff, Richard, Vincent Cichowicz


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Title Year Author
American Brass Quintet, Brass Music of St. Petersburg (recording review) 1988 Birkemeier, Richard
American Camerata for New Music (recording review) 1988 Marsteller, Loren
Andrew Glowaty, Inner Visions (recording review) 1988 Birkemeier, Richard
Armando Ghitalla, Trumpet Concertos from Three Centuries (recording review) 1988 Grabowski, Randy
Believe It Or Not (recording review) 1989 Poulos, David G.
Chicago Chamber Brass, Dallas Wind Symphony, The Brass And The Band (recording review) 1988 Erdmann, Thomas R.
Crispian Steele-Perkins, Shore's Trumpet (recording review) 1988 Birkemeier, Richard
German Brass Music 1500-1700, The New York Cornet and Sacbut Ensemble (recording review) 1988 Marsteller, Loren
Make Believe Brass, The Make Believe Brass (recording review) 1988 Birkemeier, Richard
Miroslav Kejmar, Trumpet and Ferdinant Klinda, Organ (recording review) 1989 Dunker, Amy
Miroslav Kejmar, Trumpet Concertos and Sonatas (recording review) 1989 Dunker, Amy
Mixed Doubles (recording review) 1990 Carnovale, Norbert
New Mexico Brass Quintet (recording review) 1988 Peterson, Troy
Round Midnight, Philharmonic Brass (recording review) 1989 Grabowski, Randy
Summit Brass and Doc Severinsen, Episodes (recording review) 1988 Birkemeier, Richard
The Chestnut Brass Company, Pastime with Good Company (recording review) 1989 Miles, Michael A.
The Rekkenze Ensemble, A Night at the Opera (recording review) 1988 Barrow, Gary
Virtuoso Brass, The Chicago Brass Quintet (recording review) 1989 Grabowski, Randy
Weihnachtliche Musik fur Trompete and Orgel (recording review) 1989 Poulos, David G.
Title Year Author
Music Teacher Touts ‘Last True Trumpet’ 1988 Haldane, David
The 1988 ITG Conference: A Synopsis 1988 Theurer, Britton, Alexander, David

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