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Almeida, John

Born: 1951Gender: Male USA


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Tancredi, Julio, Spangler, Al, Drill, Daniel, Perry, Marvin C. II, William Adam, Thomas Wohlwender


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Title Year Author
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Aldrovandini, Giuseppe, Tre Concerti per due Trombe (music review) 1994 Schiemann, Steven A.
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Bach, J.S., trans. Sharp, Allegro, from Brandenburg Concerto No 3 (music review) 1995 McLaughlin, Kevin
Bach, J.S., Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, arr. Gordon Schuster (music review) 1994 Coble, Jay
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Bach, Johann Sebastian, 40 Bach Chorales for Brass Quintet (music review) 1996 Erdmann, Thomas R.
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Bonde, Allen, Festivity (music review) 1994 Winkler, John R.
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Clark, Jr., Edward, Rags and Tatters
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De Boismortier, J. B., II Sonate
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Handel, G.F., arr. Seipp, The Rejoicing from The Royal Fireworks (music review) 1995 Almeida, John
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Harmon, John, Secrets for Trumpet and Piano (music review) 1995 Poor, Andrew F.
Harmon, John, Three Processionals (music review) 1995 Harshbarger, James
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Orchestral Literature Studies, Colume 3 (music review)
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Plog, Anthony, Concerto for Solo Trumpet, 14-Part Brass Ensemble (4442) and Percussion (2) (music review) 1994 Jackson, Bret
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Poper, Roy, Roy Poper's Guide to the Brasswind Methods of James Stamp (music review) 1995 Brodie, Lyman
Purcell, ed. Steele-Perkins, Suite from The Duke of Gloucester's Birthday Ode (music review) 1994 Lipka, Ron
Ran, Shulamit, Fanfare (music review) 1994 Simmons, Gregory
Ransom, Bob, Contemplation (music review) 1996 Flunker, Joel
Risher, Tim, 4 by 4 for the MOBI Brass (music review) 1996 Swain, Carl
Ross, Walter, Aubade (music review) 1996 Engelke, Luis
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Sarasate, Pablo de, Chansons Ziganes (music review) 1994 Damrow, Frits
Schubert, Franz, trans. Koons, Ave Maria (music review) 1995 Almeida, John
Schumann, arr. Guarneri, McGregor, Cheng, Three Romances (music review) 1997 Apelgren, Scott
Schuster, Gordon, arr., Victory in Jesus (music review) 1995 Anderson, Michael
Seipp, Chuck, The Trumpet Wedding Book (music review) 1996 Almeida, John
Slokar, Branimir and Reift, Marc, The Scales, Volumes 1 and 2 (music review) 1994 Pellegrino, John
Smith, Douglas, arr., Classics for Four-Plus Brass (music review) 1994 Wilhoit, Melvin
Snedecor, Phil, Suite for Brass Quintet (music review) 1995 Doerksen, Paul
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Sonntag, Steve, Take Twelve, A Dozen Jazz Duets (music review) 1995 Entzi, John
Stolzel, G.H., Concerto in E-flat (music review) 1995 Siebert, Alan
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Tchaikovsky, arr. Frackenpohl, Nutcracker Nuggets (music review) 1996 Entzi, John
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The Canadian Brass Book of Intermediate Trumpet Solos (music review) 1994 Entzi, John
Theurer, Britton, Fantasia (music review) 1995 Benjamin, Keith
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Thomas, Willie, Jazz Anyone...? Making Music: A Simple language System for Jazz (music review) 1996 Johnson, David A.
Thompson, Bruce A., Three Anachronisms for Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone (music review) 1995 Poor, Andrew F.
Thomson, Virgil, arr. Rozen, The Plow that Broke the Plains (music review) 1994 Taylor, Dennis
Uber, David, Cupful of Jazz (music review) 1996 Entzi, John
Uber, David, Trumpeters On Stage (music review) 1995 Phelps, Joseph
Ulman, Barry, Six Vignettes (music review) 1996 Bach, Edward
Walther, Johann Gottfried, Concerto in G-Dur (music review) 1994 Schiemann, Steven A.
Weckmann, Mathias, Sonata No. 5 (music review) 1996 Woody, Robert H.
Wilbye, John, As Fair As Morn (music review) 1996 Taylor, Dennis
Wilson, Thomas, Concerto for Eight Trumpets in Two Choirs (music review) 1995 Olcott, James
Wittekind, Donald H., Audition Essay (music review) 1995 Lyren, Delon
Title Year Author
The 2003 Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Competition 2004 Dolske, Christopher

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